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3 08 2009

The Most Expensive Chocolates In The World – Bahriah



15 07 2009

Helloooooooo, every creature who read this…. As the title says…. Relink!!!! I won’t be updating this blog anymore but I won’t delete it either so I’m just leaving a link somewhere below and maybe I will update it everyday.


if you see any error…. For example blog not found and stuff… make sure you check the spelling or simply just go to this blog because I will inform you if there’s any changes.

For more info, just ask me at school…

The Most Expensive Chocolates of The World

5 07 2009

I thought about updating this blog…. this blog looks dead already…. Anyway… I received some new e-mails and this one is my favorite…. I think I put too much dotdotdot in this subject… okay, I’m going to stop now… Dayyem, it’s so addictive… I think I can’t stop… gahhh!!!!!!! Owh Truck =)


* Creator: Knipschildt
* Cost: $2,600 per pound
* Location: Norwalk, Connecticut

Founded by Fritz Knipschildt, a chef who got his culinary education in Denmark, in 1999, Knischildt creates one of the world’s tastiest chocolates. Its costliest on-piece chocolate is a $250 dark chocolate truffle with French black truffle within it (in picture). This special truffle, available only on a pre-order basis, is mainly composed of 70% Valhrona cacao blended into a creamy ganache with truffle oil. The truffle is made with extremely precise bare hands and finally dusted with cocoa powder.


* Creator: Noka Vintages Collection
* Cost: $854 per pound
* Location: Dallas, Texas

A compilation of the finest dark chocolates obtained from selective plantations in Venezuela, Côte d’Ivoire, Trinidad and Ecuador, Noka chocolate is the second most expensive in the world.. It comprises of 75% pure, single-origin cacao with other ingredients like cacao butter and sugar. One amazing fact about this chocolate manufacturer is that it does not add any type of emulsifier or vanilla flavors in its chocolates.


* Creator: Delfee©
* Cost: $504 per pound
* Location: Neuchatel, Switzerland

For those ladies who are fans of gold, there’s Delafee to be tried out, because this chocolate is made by applying real 24K edible flakes of gold to each praline by hand. Otherwise, it is composed of sugar, coconut oil, cocoa butter, milk powder and vanilla.


* Creator: Richart ©
* Cost: $120 per pound
* Location: Lyon, France

Richart chocolate might be only the fourth most expensive chocolate in the world, but it is made up of 70% Criollo cocoa from Venezuela, which is considered to be the best quality of chocolate in the world. The cocoa used in the chocolates is finely ground, to give a smooth taste to any taster. To match with the finest chocolate, the best varieties of almonds, raspberries, strawberries and other exotic species are used.


* Creator: Godiva “G” Collection
* Cost: $117 per pound
* Location: New York City, New York

Sorry guys, I can’t put the images so I’ll just put a link below to my other blog which I also posted the same thing except it got images…

Sakainess of an iPod

25 06 2009

Hey guys, guess what? I’m so sakai now because I’m posting this blog from my ipod. I’ve just downloaded this app from iTunes. Awsome huh?

Anyway, I’m here to tell you guys that my blog on blogspot is now privatized. Click ilovebahriah.blogspot.com for more information. So that’s it. TTFN.


Update alert!!!

18 06 2009

Yowwwwwwwwwww…………. I think this blog is “un-updated” which made it.. well, dead. And help me please, I don’t know how to change the theme for this blog… By the term “change,” I mean to create my own themes or use some other themes which is not on the “menu” thingy….

I’m pretty familiar with blogspot and I have two of them… And as you might know, the vonelevyra.blogspot.com which is my original blog since last year and now, I made it my Official Blog and my other blog URL is the-veracity.blogspot.com, which is used to be a private blog and I used that blog to write on MY personal stuff, opinions about people, experiences, morals, and mostly I wrote everything on that blog since it’s a private blog. However, some friends requested to be invited, and I do so. Since there’s a lot of requests and I’m getting tired of inviting them, I deleted the previous posts about people and I don’t privatize it.

Actually, there’s still a lot of reasons of why I un-privatize that blog. But, let me keep it as a secret….

Versace House

30 05 2009

Lawa kannn???

Jealous Much???

OMG!!! So freakin’ jealous man!!!

Anyway, great news;
1- vonelevyra.blogspot.com is now active, I changed the layout and improved the site.

2- killed11people.wordpress.com is quiet inactive for a while… Updated every few weeks.

3- this site is abandoned for a while due to there’s no task for blogging from now on.

4- valedictorian-wannabe.blogspot.com is active but private, thus only the ones who get invited will be able to read. To get invited, simply put your e-mail address on vonelevyra’s tagboard, names and message. This site contains my big secrets.

All of these changes are due to spies, spammers, time, homeworks and life. (‘.’)


Massage Chair!!! get ready to be “vibratified.”

6 05 2009

Massage chair has computer em…entah eyh… It is functioned for massaging someone by moving the ‘balls’ up, down, kneeding and so on and these need to be instructed by a computer .

Most modern massage chair has their own display that can show the person where the ball goes.